F ZEIN - ACTIVE has been operating in field of outdoor activities since 1996. Today it is one of the largest companies in Greece planning, organising and implementing activities in nature.

Based in the town of Karpenissi, F ZEIN - ACTIVE arranges activities everyday, all year round in diverse parts of Greece including:


Thanks to its highly trained and experienced staff F ZEIN - ACTIVE can organise programmes of activities for all age groups based on their individual needs.

Activities you can have during your stay in Evritania.

TREKKING (hiking-guiding-climbing)
Guiding to the famous monastery of Panagia Proussiotissa, situated since the first years of 9 th century. The landscape is admirable and respectable. We continue with hiking from the monastery of Proussos to the area of Mavri Spilia (Black Cave).

MOUNTAIN BIKE (course by cycling)
The participants follows a particular course through the wood.

CANOE (At Kremasta lake)
Specific crafts for lakes ( three, ten seats or bigger ones) are available for tours at the lake of Kremasta.

EF ZIN ACTIVE using the most contemporary equipment will lead the visitors to the river Tavropos-Trikeriotis & Acheloos. The level of difficulty varies I to II.

Paintball is an action game for adults.

CANYONING (at Viniani gorge)
Passing one of the finest gorges of Greece.

SKIING (at Velouchi)
EF ZIN ACTIVE has all the needed skiing equipment and will lead you at the ski center of Karpenissi at an altitude of 2315m.

4X4 (by jeep to the lake of Kremasta)
• Distance 95km approximately
• 4 hours duration

4X4 (by jeep to PANTA VRECHI (Always raining)
• Distance 35 km approximately
• 5 hours duration